Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What size canopy should I buy for my boat?

FLOE canopy systems are available in many lengths.  It is very important that you measure the actual length of your boat from bow to end of swim platform or outboard motor.  The canopy should be two feet longer than the overall length of your boat to provide adequate protection from the elements.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How much weight can FLOE docks hold?

FLOE Roll In and Sectional docks can support 30 pounds per square foot.  A 4 x 16' dock is 64 square feet so it will support 1920 pounds spread evenly over the dock surface.  For Floating docks the capacity varies depending on the size of the floats.  A 6 x 16' floating section with 12" floats supports 3,805 pounds.  A 6 x 24' section supports 5,030 pounds.  16" and 20" floats are available for additional capacity.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Boat Lift Installation

Ice out is approaching and soon the 2017 boating season will begin.  Before putting your FLOE lift into the water you should take some time to make sure your lift is ready for a trouble free season.   All fasteners on the lift, bunks, guide-ins, and accessories should be checked to make sure everything is properly tightened (follow torque specifications).  Now is a great time to inspect pulleys/sheaves and cables for unusual wear.  Take the time to grease the lifts thrust bearing, ball screw assembly, and Easy-Level legs.  Your FLOE owners manual is available at if you need a new copy.  Additional help can be found at your FLOE dealer.